Our Distinguished Colleagues, Scientists and Professional Experts who have devoted themselves to the Science of Statistics;


The 1st International Applied Statistics Congress (UYİK-2020)” organized in honor of Prof. Dr. Yüksel Bek with the duty and responsibility of ensuring that statistics, especially applied statistics, which is widely used in almost all disciplines, contributes to the development process and scientific development more effectively, and is understood and used correctly, was held online between 1-4 October 2020 at Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, which hosted many academic studies and implemented many international and national projects. With this congress, academic studies carried out in many fields were shared with members of different professions, and by exchanging information in this way, significant gains were achieved both individually and for the statistical community as a whole.


2nd International Congress of Applied Statistics (UYİK-2021) will be held in the memory of our distinguished teacher Prof. Dr. Orhan Düzgüneş, who contributed greatly to the development of statistics in Turkey, on the 25th anniversary of his death, as a hybrid (both face to face and online) congress with the cooperation of Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University and International Balkan University hosted by Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University on 29 June - 02 July 2021.


During the congress, with many topics in the field of applied statistics and the training courses that you will determine, we will have the opportunity to bring together young scientists who are experts in their fields and who are at the beginning of academic work. Thanks to the presentations made here, it is aimed to open new horizons for young scientists and to provide the opportunity to share their work.


With the slogan of Investing in Young People, we would like to express our deepest respect and gratitude for your participation and contribution, your valuable cooperation and support in the realization of “UYİK-2021” in line with the desired and expected goals, and we are honoured to host you in the city of Tokat, which is full of history.




Prof. Dr. Orhan KAVUNCU

Kastamonu  University

Prof. Dr. İsa GOKCE

Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa

Prof. Dr. Rüstem CANGI

Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalçın TAHTALI

Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa



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